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Trey Ratcliff Photography

Trey Ratcliff His work is amazing Here are a few of his waterfall photographs     Trey Ratcliff  The Portfolio Bowen Falls in Milford Sound Waterfalls at Midnight The Solstice Moonrise Kingdom The Beginning of Time   See more amazing photographs from Trey at The Portfolio  

Breakfast in a Bag

    Breakfast in a Bag Easy and fun for the whole family   Source:  http://lakelandgear.com/lakeland-gear-blog.htmlRecipe Card


p style=”text-align: center;”> JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK… Joshua Tree National Park is a hikers wonderland. Trails leading to mountain peaks, old mines, a dam, homesteads, sand dunes, dry lakes, oases, slot canyons, a natural arch & across deserts cover the Joshua Tree landscape. The granite rock formations make Joshua Tree a very popular destination for

Hubble Space Pictures

1  A “supermassive” star, hundreds of times larger than our sun, surrounded by obscuring outflowing gas     2 The Rose Galaxies 3Ghost Nebula 4 The Witch’s Broom Nebula5 View of ‘Mystic Mountain’6 The Cat’s Eye Nebula7 The Ant Nebula8 Andromeda, our next door neighbor9 A Beautiful End to a Star’s Life — The “Eskimo Nebula” 10 The Butterfly Nebula with its 3

Crazy Animal Fights

Vicious Animal Fights… Check out this Top Ten list   10.  Bear vs. Tigers   9.  Lionesses vs. Lionesses   8.  Eagle vs. Fox     7.  Zebra vs. Zebra     6.  Zebra vs. Lion   5.  Wolf vs. Bear     4.  Crocodile vs. Hippos     3.   Hippo vs. Lionesses