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Deep Fried Turkey

How to deep fry a Turkey DEEP-FRYING OUTDOORS Although you’re outdoors, using a propane deep fryer can be very dangerous. Never leave your deep fryer unattended and be sure to carefully follow these instructions: To start, take the wrapper off of the turkey, and remove and discard the neck and giblets. Deep-fry your turkey outside

Math Quiz

  Who remembers how to do these??? Scroll down to see answer.                             The Order of Operations: PEMDAS Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction Answer: 41. Always multiply before you add. 40 * 0 = 0 40 + 0 =

WD-40 Uses

  WD-40… Is there anything it can not do???? Here’s a list of 50 things WD-40 can do.    

Man Cave Ideas

Organization Tips

Try these cool organization ideas.   Ladder Bookshelf Egg cartons for Christmas bulbs Open shelves with chalkboard background  Plastic bread ties for your cords  Tension rod holds spray bottles